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Benefits of IV Hydration

The body is made up of 70% water, a fact not known to many.  Water and  electrolytes are essential for the proper functioning of the kidneys, heart, brain, and skin.  


5 benefits of hydration esp IV  

-Promotes weight loss  

-Flushes out toxins 

-Increases energy and relieve fatigue 

-Improves immunity   

-Helps in digestion and prevent constipation 


In today's era of viral infections and bacterial infections, it's important to know that your immune cells perform their maximum compacity when  hydrated and given proper nutrition like vitamins and zinc.  

IV hydration helps to get fluid and vitamins especially when recuperating from illness or hot climates.  

A lot of focus is on hydration in athletes, but both the younger and the elderly benefit from hydration. 

  Brain is mostly water as well. The reason trend to drink artificial drinks loaded with sugar, high caffeine levels, and toxins has contributed to lesser focusing and unnecessary over-stimulation of the nervous system.  IV hydration helps them . 


In the elderly, IV hydration is important to maintain joint lubrication, kidney flushing, maintaining circulation and blood pressure- preventing falls, improve brain function to stay healthy and independent. 


Hydration is of 2 kinds, oral and IV. Oral hydration includes water, fruit juices, milk, etc., however a dietary idiosyncrasy and dislike for water taste prevents getting optimum levels of water, electrolytes and vitamins.  

IV Hydration done under proper physician supervision helps to quickly correct dehydration; provide adequate electrolytes, and nutrients which will improve immunity and overall functioning of the brain and circulatory systems.  


Random IV bars run by low level of medically trained workers like paramedics and nurses-who  do not  take proper medical history before starting IV fluids may cause  more problems. Physician supervised IV hydration is tailored to individual body and need based on good history taking and labs -safe practice 



Dr. Madhav picture Dr. Venkatesh Madhav Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine